Why Are Schools Loving Epoxy Floors?

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 in Flooring

When it comes to running a school, it can be a very tough task. In most cases, you are left to manage thousands of students, as well as teachers and parents. The last thing you want is to worry about the standard of your school buildings.

That is why if you notice, schools love epoxy floors. When it comes to ensuring that their floors are secure enough for years to come, epoxy coating is what they choose. Do you want to know why this is the case? Have a read below:

Strong Enough To Withstand Children 

Can you imagine a floor that has to withstand a million steps a day by thousands of students? Any floor will slowly be torn to shreds. But that won’t be the case with epoxy floors. Thanks to their durable and strong materials, they will be able to handle a high level of foot traffic on a daily basis. Epoxy floors are made for schools.

Can Last For Years Without Problems

Repairing and restoring floors year after year can be a drag, so you can see why schools love to have epoxy floors. They are able to leave it there for years (and with the durability of the material) know that there don’t have to spent time or money in keeping it in previous conditions.

Gives The School A Platform To Express Itself 

Schools are just like businesses – they have the express themselves and give the impression they are successful. Epoxy floors can help with this by giving schools the options of a range of colours and decorative designs. They are not limited to a few choices but have a wide selection to choose from; giving them the platform to express themselves to potential new students.

Low-Cost Maintenance Means Less Money Spent

Running a school means managing a budget – and the less money spent on the school floors, the better it is. You won’t require spending a lot of time or money on cleaning or repairing it, leaving you with a budget to work with. The focus of the budget can be spent elsewhere, and this can make life so much better for the students all around. The finances can be focused on extra curriculum activities, new programs and restoring important old parts of the school. There will no need to spend on concrete repair services in Campbellfield or Camberwell, or wherever your school is located!

Hopefully, you have a clear insight into why schools love epoxy floors! But they are also popular with homes and businesses of all sorts (hospitals, retail and industrial). So if you have been convinced by the benefits of epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne, then speak to the experts at Betterseal. They are the leading experts in Australia when it comes to creating and installing all types of epoxy floors in the country. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge about the program, they will deliver what you want when you want it!